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Do you rely heavily on international calling and run out of minute plan or receive a big bill each month? Do you travel frequently outside of the United States? Were you always interested in having US number overseas? With iConnect you can talk totally unlimited with selected countries around the world, even if they don’t have iConnect App.

With iCONNECT unlimited calling dialer App, you can make unlimited phone calls to anyone without using any data and/or over WiFi & 3G/4G data networks at no extra charges for long distance. You could call any mobile/landline phone numbers in over 70+ countries at super low rates. When you travel, as long as you have data access, you can call your family back home.

– Make free local or international calls to your friends and family outside the US.
– Call back home for free when you are travelling around with data access.
– Stay connected with family and friends using the app worldwide

Pay-As-You-Go iConnect Bonus

When you top up with iConnect, you enter a chance to get up to $10 bonus minutes or credit toward your next phone bills!  Your rates will be even more insane when you are qualified for the Loyalty Bonus Program.  When you have accumulated 500 points, you can join the program and start enjoying up to 20% discount calling rate. It pays to remain loyal to iConnect.  You earn 1 point for each $1 spent with IConnect.  You can fast-track your Loyalty Bonus Program by setting up an account with iConnect and start adding minutes for friends, top up for carriers inside and outside the USA.

– Talk with benefits- earn point for every $1 you spend
– Get Qualified for Loyalty Bonus Program
– Every day, a lucky winner can get up $10 bonus minus or credit toward their phone bills

With iConnect free calling app, not only are app-to-app calls free, but you will also be able to call anyone in the world for free, even he/she does not have the app

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