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Without a robust and reliable financial model, key decision makers can find themselves struggling to make the strategic choices that support the ultimate goals of their business. At iConnect, our comprehensive financial modeling services are tailored to provide this key component for clients from throughout the greater region.

The Advantages of Proactive Financial Modeling

From obtaining capital funding to negotiating the acquisition of a business, understanding trends and being able to project the future growth or negative cash-flow of an enterprise is critical to making a number of diverse yet important business decisions. While the evaluation of every account within a business can provide some insight into the wellbeing of a company, the development of a relevant, comprehensive financial model offers clients an extensive and accurate illustration of the business’ financial health as a whole.

Effective financial models are designed to provide insight into the interaction and yield of different financial processes. With a flexible yet comprehensive financial model, variables can be independently isolated and manipulated to project expected yields following changes in business or tax strategy. For decision makers looking to strength the profitability of their enterprise, this innovative tool provides the opportunity to identify vulnerabilities and make necessary changes to prevent the interruption of sustainable business growth.

Financial models also provide enterprises with the opportunity to support their business externally. At our CPA firm, financial models are often requested for businesses facing:

  • Joint Project Funding between private sector bidders and public sector procurers
  • Investment Appraisal for large capital investment projects
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Working Capital Analysis
  • Mergers or Acquisition

Developing a Financial Model

At iConnect, creating a relevant financial model begins with an in-depth evaluation of each financial facet of your enterprise. Through careful assessment and examination, each unique factor is included to ensure the resulting model accurately reflects the current financial standing of the enterprise. By focusing on a transparent structure and clear modeling style, our CPA is able to provide clients with a readily understood presentation.

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